Your Secret Life As a John


“There’s a value in having secrets. After all, we are nothing more or less than what we choose to reveal”. – Frank Underwood

Everybody has fantasies about doing a porn star and I have not met a person yet who has not watched porn. Yet somehow it is one of those things that people don’t openly talk about. They might be cracking a few jokes about it, but I have not met one person who is proud of watching porn, masturbation or meeting escorts. It’s a pride thing. You want to tell your buddies that I still got game and won’t end up home watching porn after that night at the bar. And we all know it, it happens quite a bit.

Can you Justify Meeting Escorts?

Being a John could be something you can justify. It’s just another dimension on getting your sexual fantasies fulfilled and is something very different from what you would get from your girlfriend or your wife. People do it for different reasons but these reasons are compelling enough — all the better for escorts and their job security. At some point you might get tired of chasing and dates, there is too much risk of getting caught cheating, or you just can’t get those hot chicks you want. So you might just want to buy the prize. Maybe your girlfriend or wife isn’t doing what you want or you simply want to get nasty and your partner isn’t like that…

If you get a hot few then maybe sharing that information is not the wrong thing to do. Celebrities like Charlie Sheen and ball players have all done this and they don’t give a crap about what people say. As far as they are concerned, they did some pretty serious hotties which most of us mediocre men didn’t. So… who gives a damn what people say right?

If you’re lurking around shady streets looking for crack whores, however, it is now a different story. Don’t get me wrong, no one is willingly going there but prices are cheap and you just satisfied your bad habit. This can feel a bit degrading honestly, I’ve been there and did not like it. If you can do good ones, it’s better…But hey I might be biased here, it’s a personal choice really.

Protecting Your Privacy When Meeting Escorts

In any case, at some point you’re going to need stealth from law, family, friends and pretty much everybody other than perhaps anonymous punter community. Leaking this anonymity can be extremely degrading. I beg you please protect your privacy! I’m going to share a few tricks on how to make this happen:

1) Get a Stealth Call/SMS App on Your Smartphone

This is not applicable to meeting escorts only. You can use it for whatever else people you want to hide from your wife, girlfriend, family. You definitely don’t want hookers calling your phone or sending you SMS messages with rates and services they offer. They could be coming anytime, so make sure are hiding all SMS messages, call history, and calls. I usually block calls completely.

The App I use is My Private Space Pro, but it is not ideal. You can still see sometimes the call on the screen which is immediately blocked and hidden. But anyway this is way better protection than allowing it to ring when you don’t want to. Anyway… just search for “privacy apps” and you’ll find tons. Find one that works for you and test it.


2) Use Incognito and Try to Avoid Google

All browsers support some sort of do not track mode. For example, Chrome uses Incognito. Make sure you use this all the time when searching for anything private online. This is the most basic thing you can do. Nowadays you have accounts linked across many devices. You could be searching on your mobile and your family could be seeing your searches on home computer. This is an absolute fail!

Using Google is generally not the smartest these days. You hear all the time that they claim they are not collecting data but they usually are. To be completely safe use a service that works hard to protect your privacy. DuckDuckGo is one search engine that doesn’t track you.

3) Be Smart When Discussing Money for Services

In places where paying for sex is acceptable this might be fine but you cannot mention transactions on SMS or phone calls when discussing rates with escorts. In many countries meeting escorts is tolerable and what happens behind closed doors is seen as a decision that two consenting adults can make.

While I haven’t heard many sting operations they do happen quite frequently. You don’t want to get caught on the wrong side of the law. Respect the rules and negotiate smart if you have to. If you are asking for special services use the well known acronyms. Law enforcement knows all these games, but if you are paying attention, vetting and not being wreckless with your first contact then you will probably be fine.

4) Be Discrete and Confidential

If you are using emails to sign up to websites make sure you use a brand new anonymous that’s not tied to your personal or work email. You never want to mix your escort search with your daily work or personal online activities! One time I was messing around with one of my personal emails and what happened is all my LinkedIn and Facebook suggestions were polluted with all these escorts and massage places. Now if someone is looking at that it’s pretty easy to put 2 and 2 together.

Another thing you don’t want to do is use your real name. Most escorts have called ID and they won’t talk to you unless you reveal your name. That’s fair but it’s worth to at least try not to reveal your real name.

Lastly be careful and don’t reply to any type of escort ads. There is a good chance some of them are spam and are just collecting emails and phone numbers to send you junk, or worse they could be calling you and promoting escort services directly to your personal phone. This is BAD news!

Check for verified status in sites like, or Do the due diligence before actually sending your details to these posters.

5) Never Search for Escorts at Work

Unless you have a VPN I would strongly advise against searching for escorts on company’s WIFI or worse work computers. IT usually administers what sites you can use and they can certainly see what websites you are hitting. You might not care of the consequences but it’s pretty bad if they are able to figure out that you’ve been using these sites. I don’t know your company and what the consequences are but I have heard of people who got fired over surfing things that they were not supposed to.

6) Always Do Your Business Away from Home

As a teenager I hired an escort, a car service. I picked her up, we found a location and everything went smoothly. Later on my girlfriend found a condom wrapper. Maybe this wasn’t a big deal then but it is a big deal to me now in my mature life. You might not be able to afford those mistakes…

I would never do your business in your car. There is hair, smells, things that can be dropped, seat positions that changed. Your partner is more perceptive than you think. It you don’t want to be caught do not use your car as a playground.

I would absolutely never use your home to bring escorts in. First people like your neighbours might know you or there could be traces left like ones I mentioned already. But the worst case is escorts coming in your place and causing a scene. Depending on who you meet, they might have a lot of experience with this and may threaten to cause a scene. This does not look good at all… Last time I had an escort over I thought that by her coming to my place I have some leverage because she is at my place now. Absolutely not. This is more headache than it’s good. Use a hotel or a room away from your home instead.

7) Get An Extra Phone

If you want to be completely stealthy using a different phone can be a blessing. This way you’re 100% sure that you won’t be hassled by escorts. Now, this usually doesn’t happen but if there is some sort of disagreement you could be getting calls from various phone numbers. Escorts use a lot of phones so this shouldn’t be a surprise at all. This is a smarter way to not get caught than just getting a stealth app. If you want the peace of mind and have a convenient way to get another phone it’s a good idea.

8) Use VPN

If you are paranoid and want to be extra careful about the sites that you are vising you can use VPN as well. Whoever is looking at this traffic will see that it’s originating from somewhere in Asia or Europe for example. This makes you anonymous which means they don’t have your name and they don’t have your location. I like the amount of privacy that VPN can give you. Once you start using one you’ll be hooked. There is nothing worse than paranoia that someone might be sniffing your traffic.

Thanks for reading and most importantly, stay safe!



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