Top 3 United States Escort Sites


With Craigslist and Backpage no longer around it is becoming tougher to find recent escort ads. All the advertising has now moved to other websites that were slightly less popular. Here are some of the top sites for American escorts.

Live Escort Reviews

This website has been around since 2013. It has a pretty good coverage for most cities in United States but was less popular than Backpage before it shut down. It is pretty ad heavy but it still has a reasonable number of ads added daily for most American Cities. It is mainly for American cities but has ads for Canada as well which appear to be aggregated from elsewhere. It’s possible American ads are aggregated from other websites too but there is not too much detail on these ads so their origin is unknown.

This sites was originally an escort rating site since 2010 but now is mainly used for escort classifieds. The format is similar to what Backpage had. It has ads for United States, Canada and Europe. Ads from Europe appear to be aggregated from an European site. It has a good amount of ads added daily for United States and Canada and less volume for Europe. Their ads are over 250,000 and they claim they are unique; they are probably aggregating as well as selling ads.

Escort Directory

This site appears to have much lower volume of ads but has a good selection of them. Ads are descriptive and have good photos. This seems to be a global escort directory with ads in all continents. There under 10,000 listing in USA which is one drawback of this site.

This is our Top 3 for United States. For detailed reviews on escort directories check out


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