Meeting Escorts as a Hobby


I have not lost my virginity with an escort but it was pretty close! With over 18 years of experience with this hobby I thought I’d share some of my experiences and why I choose to continue this hobby.

Meeting escorts is pretty controversial topic. You don’t openly tell people that you like it and they don’t either. All these potentially cool experiences that are to be had remain in this dark underground world with all the other really bad things. But when you think about why you’re doing it then maybe you shouldn’t feel bad about it. We get older, and frankly it takes a lot of preparation and work to get laid these days. If you’re good looking, fit, with great head of hair, great talked, blessed underneath the belt and deep pockets then it’s probably not hard. But the reality is that most people don’t have all these. So what do you do, meet an escort or try traditional approach of going to the bar or looking for a date?

Deciding When to Pay for Sex

There are few variables that I consider here. I usually ask myself, how important sex is to me at the time I’m looking for women, amount of cash I’m planning to spend on them, how important is the emotional connection with person, how important is having a fun night out, how easy do I want the night to be?

The days when I want to hire an escort are one of those days when sex is most important and all the rest is not relevant. At these times I am very specific about the type of girl or experience that I want to have. I have no interest in the dating game, fun or emotional connection. All I’m looking for is a physical experience, but of course this has to be top notch and most likely better than what any of the other normal girls are willing to do. It usually is a new girl that I’d like to meet, or it might be a regular that I usually have a great time with. Woman’s youthfulness is sometimes important but not always. The experience has to be different every time for me to get excited about it so that’s another thing to look for. I often know what I’m going to ask for, and if we can agree on those asks then it’s game on! So… considering that I am very specific about what I’m looking for I have less difficulty justifying this as a hobby. Let’s face it, this is not the same thing as what you do with your wife or your girlfriend. Frankly, girlfriend material doesn’t even know how to give a good blowjob, or I should say at least about 90% of them. I have probably slept with over 200 women in that last 15 years so trust me, I know.

Days When You Shouldn’t Pay

There are times when looking for the girl and trying to “pick her up” is very important to me. In other words, I go to the bar, make eye contact, chat some girl up and try the traditional picker upper approach. Most women are not looking for casual sex, let’s face it. They might be physically attracted and want to have sex, yet they do nothing about it. This is written in our genes and you can’t change it. Sometimes you are lucky! There are many reasons why you might be lucky but I’m not going to get into that. What I want to say here is that the hunt is sometimes a more rewarding experience than physical sex. These days I have no problem with going to the bar to have fun, maybe a dance or two with few sexy girls, and if that doesn’t convert to sex then it’s not a big deal. It will happen later. The beauty of having no expectations is that you went out, had a good time and having sex is just a cherry on top. If you are having this type of day, which is often a Friday or a Saturday for me, then this is definitely not the time to pay for sex.

There are times when you are looking for a more emotional connection. This time you want to meet someone that you can have a conversation with and maybe have a coffee after sex and cuddle a bit longer before you leave. This sounds more like a date and is definitely not an experience that you will have with an escort. If you’re paying $1000 for the entire night then maybe you will have this experience but most of the time your time with an escort is a simple transaction and there is zero emotional connection. The only place this can happen is if you go punting in Thailand or Philippines. I’ll talk more about that…

Meeting an escort when you are drunk is another thing I would not recommend. Usually you have pretty poor judgement when you’re drunk, and escorts know how to exploit this if they want. So you might end up being taken advantage of. It’s just not the right set up. Consider the fact that this hobby is expensive, or if it’s cheap you’re risking getting an STD or worse getting robbed.

Getting the Bang for the Buck with Escorts

The more escorts you meet the more you will know how to get most out of the time with escorts. I live somewhere in North America all the time ūüôā and I can say that escorts here are fairly expensive. I can say I am independently wealthy and can afford stuff in my life, but when you have a mortgage and responsibilities, even with a moderately high paying job I cannot justify meeting escorts more often than twice a month. Usually I meet them for an hour but there is quite of time spent searching and vetting them before meeting. I usually search for them online. Check out my¬†tips before meeting an escort¬†article to find out how to spot bad dates and questions you should be asking.

Few resources are for reviews and for escort ads I check, or These are some where you can find fair prices. Sadly Backpage and Craigslist no longer operate for escorts so you will need to be a bit creative online. Agencies and Eros charge ridiculous fees, which maybe you can negotiate.

I never do street walkers anymore as they are usually not clean and I mean bad hygiene, but have also picked up STDs from them. Also, as a teenager I didn’t care so much but I’m in my thirties now and I can not have sex in the car anymore.

So this is if you are meeting escorts locally, which is completely fine for most people. If you really want to experience how punting looks like I suggest you consider travelling too. Here you can do two things: 1) Travel a bit and see another country, and 2) Have an Awesome Escort Experience, because these places are specialised for this type of thing. Here there is a lot of competition for hookers so service is better as a result.


The first place I’ve been to was Bangkok. I visited Soi Cowboy, Patong, and Nana Plaza. Thai girls are cute, most of the working girls are young and they will give you the type of experience that’s hard to forget. When I said that emotional connection is hard with escorts, I think Thailand is an exception. You will hire them for the day and for the night, so they become your girlfriend practically.

The next city I went to was Pattaya where escort services are offered at the fraction of the cost in Bangkok. Just be careful and practice safe sex and you will have a great time punting here. Phuket is another city where punting is popular. They have a walking street just like Pattaya where you can walk around, drink, and look for girls, trannys, maybe 2 girls at the same time, or whatever you like.

The interesting thing about Thailand in general is that you can get so much for so little money. Service is also pretty amazing, and it is a lot of fun, so it’s a good place to start in my opinion. Hopefully that will set a bar high enough so you can avoid all the crap that you could potentially get in North America, probably for much higher price.


Amsterdam is obviously different from Thailand but it has one of the largest red light districts in the world. Escorts have health care and supposedly it’s regulated. There is controversy about how regulated it is, but as a punter that is not your concern right?

I like Amsterdam because it has some of the hottest women around, a lot of them coming from Eastern Europe. Prices are pretty fair which is good reason to start your punting adventures here. The reason why I would recommend Amsterdam is because of the quality of women. Hopefully you will set a pretty high bar for yourself here.

Any Addiction Concerns?

What you have to understand, however, is that it can become a habit and this is no different from habitually engaging in drinking, serial dating, over-eating, masturbation, smoking or gambling. If you have an addictive personality then maybe there is cause concern. This hobby can be pretty expensive and addictive too.

When I was talking about setting a high bar for yourself it is not only because you deserve the best, but also because you want to limit the exposure to it. You don’t want to meet an escort because you have to but because you want to. Know your limit and play within it! Most importantly, have fun with it. If it’s not fun then it’s not worth doing.



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