Is Hiring an Escort Legal in Washington


I used to be a photographer for an escort agency in Seattle, you may not believe me but it was actually a good one (ie not pimps and not pushing the girls, more “we book the rooms and handle the calls, we get a percentage of the base fee, you keep the rest and your tips” so the girls weren’t being picked up or controlled, just text in when you want to work and we’ll post it and handle calls.

Anyway, so the act of paying a person to spend time with them is legal, just like many jobs you’re paying for someone’s time. The sex is implied, but not explicitly stated or promised. The girls can be like “I’m just lonely and waiting for someone like you” and the agency is booking visitors… Get the idea? It’s too grey and vague to enforce. The guys expect something to happen (from stories I hear a surprisingly high amount of them don’t want sex, some want to be told they’re wanted, or the opposite, some people who pay for these services do because it’s something they can’t get or aren’t confident to get in their normal life, then again a lot are just guys with money and no time or social skillset, or just want a girl they don’t have to work on, get what they want and leave). However if the girls don’t want to do what the guy wants, well there’s no more future business, so… Incentive to keep him booking and not writing bad reviews. YES there’s review sites, big in Seattle.

Fun fact, the Asian ones about giant breast students just trying to make money are end to end fake. Guys show up and basically here’s another older normal Asian girl, it’s dark, take it or leave. The photos are too good to be true, because they’re not. The company I worked for was mid level, mostly pretty girls but some just desperate for money, some really were students, most didn’t wanna talk about why, many hated their jobs, some were totally passive and wanted to be good at whatever they do. But almost all photos are edited, don’t be surprised at tattoos you didn’t see in the photos, it’s a big privacy flag to remove them before posting.

While shooting girls they love to tell stories about the things guys fall for. Not to say the others are legit, the cheaper the girls the cheaper their clients, think dirty older dad’s in a loveless marriage knowing they can “loose” $100 and nobody will notice. They also often are the roughest and dirtiest (think straight from work smelling like shit and don’t wanna waste any of their half hour on showering). So… You get what you pay for, the cheapest ones often have the most edited photos. Working out of hotels tends to be unhealthy as far as food and fitness.

Few girls except the most expensive or ones with pimps go to customers places, takes too much time they could be making money. Also since the photos don’t have faces and can be edited, some guys simply leave upon seeing the girl, or don’t show up, again waste of travel time. Hotels are easy, affordable ones particularly near airports are full of short term travellers, hotel staff rarely notice. If a guy gets tough, pushy, easier to call for help on your own terms when you know people are around, than the house of a dude you don’t know. So the other poster saying girls only come to your place is the opposite, unless you are paying super high class. I won’t judge you for doing it, I have thought about years ago when I worked with them it but never would.


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