San Francisco Sex and Escorts Guide

San Francisco is is one of the coolest cities to visit. Amazing and friendly people, great clubs, very open-minded sex culture, no lack of escorts, which makes a pretty interesting environment for anyone wanting to get laid. Not only do you have options in the straight community, but you’ll find that it is one of the best cities for LGBT community. If other cities have failed you as a gay or lesbian this will be the city where you will get laid.

Clubs and Parties in San Francisco

Parties, clubs and bars in San Francisco are some of the best in United States. Even if you are a local you will always be able to find a new party of event that you haven’t seen before. Of course, sex clubs and the whole nine yards are naturally going to be top notch here as well. If you are a young guy and are in San Francisco for a visit, it is definitely worth checking out what city has to offer and it’s very likely that you will get laid if you just keep your eyes open.

Parties in San Francisco can run very late up until 4am on weekends. So if you’re staying in the city during the weekend you might not be sleeping much at night.

Sex Clubs in San Francisco

Sex clubs in San Francisco started around the same time when cable cards were build in the city. It is a pretty fast way to get around and perhaps this gave way to some pretty bizzare businesses across the city. Today, San Francisco has some of the best dungeons and bathhouses for gay and BDSM community. Even if you are straight you won’t be without options. There are many great clubs around the world but clubs in San Francisco are a unique experience. This could be the place where you discover many things about sexuality that you didn’t know existed.

The sex club scene in San Francisco got its start around the same time that the first cable cards were built in the city. This was the year 1873. It was this super speedy mode of transportation that allowed people to get around the city faster and inspired more daring and outrageous businesses to crop up all across the city. Throughout the 1900s, the scene only got more daring and adventurous, quickly becoming a safe and welcoming haven for the gay and BDSM community. Now San Francisco is home to many of the best BDSM dungeons and gay bathhouses in the world. The entire community in San Francisco was built on openness and acceptance and that is evident in the way the community has grown since its start. Attending a club or party in San Francisco is truly a special experience! You’ll likely be aroused and discover things about your body and your sexuality that you didn’t know were possible.

Popular Sex Clubs in San Francisco

Here is a list of sex clubs that we found are worth mentioning. These are only a few!

Power Exchange
220 Jones Street, San Francisco California 94102
Power Exchange lauds itself as “America’s Naughtiest Adult Club Experience” and after one visit we’re absolutely sure you will agree with this. This members only club provides a safe and welcoming space where you can really dig into your deepest kinks and desires. The space itself offers up a huge assortment of play areas, dungeons, and fantasy rooms. So no matter what mood you are in, you can get it on at Power Exchange! Power Exchange has regular special event nights on the first and their Saturday of every month. They call these nights their “mini Halloween” nights so even if it’s not October, you are encouraged to dress up and go all out!

Mission Control SF
181 Eddy Street, San Francisco, California 94102
Mission Control is a members only club that celebrates the alternative lifestyle. They are volunteer run and full dependent on the support of their members, so it creates and incredible close and trusting atmosphere. Members of Mission Control are often members for life! Once you are approved as a member, you will have access to their list of sexy, kinky events. Their most popular events are the Threshold and Velvet BDSM nights. Mission Control also hosts an erotic Kinky Salon. More than simply events, though, Mission Control is all about creating a community through its members.

SF Citadel
181 Eddy Street, San Francisco, California 94102
SF Citadel Club is on a mission to provide its community with the very best in BDSM education and exploration. They host regular workshops, social nights, and special events for their members to explore their proclivities in a safe and welcoming space. There are dozens of different events and parties that members can attend but here are a few: Spank (a party for spanking), Crave (a party for members who identify as female), Taboo (a party for hardcore play), Tryst (a party for members looking for new partners). Citadel has so many incredible, erotic parties for its members that it’s hard to keep track of them all. There is a reason people travel from all over to become Citadel members!

Bronze Party
Check website for address
Bronze Party was initially founded in Florida in 2008 but moved to San Francisco soon after, where it has been growing in popularity ever since. It provides a fun and relaxed swinging environment where all are welcome. The space where the parties take place is intimate and inviting, with plenty of nooks and crannies to cozy up in. Bronze Party has become a staple in the swinging community and partners with many other local swinging organizations. What the community loves about Bronze Party is how erotic and sensual the events are. You can always expect to have a mind blowing time at a Bronze Party event!

Escorts in San Francisco

If you are looking for a guaranteed experience then escorts are always an option. There are plenty of escorts in San Francisco catering gay, straight or bi clients. While agencies are a safe bet, you can always find plenty of options in online escort directories as well. Here are some of them:

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