Honolulu Sex Guide

Honolulu is a pretty nice party city on the island of Oahu. It is the capital and largest city in Hawaii. It is a home to about one million people in the metro area and Hawaii’s best known tourist destination, Waikiki Beach. Just like everywhere else, but especially here, sex sells big. There are plenty of escorts, few red light districts and strip clubs.

Red Light Districts in Honolulu

Kuhio and Kalakaua

If you’re walking down Kuhio Avenue or Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki’s two main drags, late at night you will see some of the most beautiful street hookers in the world. They are dressed in skin tight dresses and fuck-me pumps, there’s no mistaking why they’re out. They all have pimps and are connected to the local beach boy drug dealer thieves and strong arm robber types. Kuhio Avenue is also full of hidden cameras used by police.

If you talk to them, though, they’ll have no interest in you. But if you look like a tourist from Asia, they’ll walk down the street with you, try to hold your hand and speak nearly flawless Japanese or Chinese. It’s quite amazing, actually.

See, if you’re a local that happens to be in Waikiki (most locals avoid Waikiki like the way Las Vegas locals avoid the strip), the street whores will probably pay no attention to you. If you’re a tourist from the mainland, they won’t be very interested either, though they might talk to you on a quiet night.

If you do pick up a street hooker in Waikiki, don’t expect a girlfriend experience. It’ll be full service, and once you’re done, it’s done.

Forget about the whole “not a clock watcher” thing, they’re back out to find an Asian tourist who is willing to pay big money to lay a six foot tall blonde. Hawaii has more ladyboys and men dressed as women per capita than anywhere in the world. They’re almost never local. They usually run a circuit from mainland cities like Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle before stopping off in Hawaii for two weeks.

Action in Downtown Honolulu

If you go into downtown Honolulu, the area that seems to get most of the action is on the corner of Pali Highway and Kukui Street behind the Longs Drugs. Street hookers from Waikiki have been known to relocate downtown, but that’s only if there’s no action in Waikiki. This area is never a good spot for a prostitute since monitored by cameras and as well the local Chinatown gangs. Most common what you will find anywhere along hotel street or Kukui street downtown is a ladyboy, an old hideous woman, a drug addict or etc etc. Kukui street is a very popular spot for police decoy arrests also.

The downtown prostitutes are, for the most part, average to low quality. Don’t expect much and if there’s a time to make sure your cover up, it would be there. It is most likely for you to find a drunk American tourist downtown than a worthwhile hooker.

BJ in downtown is usually $40-$100 and full service costs $60-$200 but other areas it’s much higher. That’s total nonsense.

You might also want to make sure you’re getting a woman who was born a woman, as transexuals are known to work the area.

Escorts in Honolulu

If you want to avoid street action then you can find escorts online as well. You can book an outcall to your hotel or an incall. Check out one of the escort directories. While many of these escorts probably have pimps as well you might have a chance to find an independent one or a travelling escort who’s on vacation and looking to make some money at it.

  • 5Escorts.com – has more than  1,300 ads of escorts in Honolulu.

Strip Clubs in Honolulu

Unlike many cities in the U.S., the City and County of Honolulu (all of Oahu falls under the City and County of Honolulu) allows a full bar with full nude strippers. This means that you have to be over 21 to get into the club.

The other big difference is that there’s multiple ladies on the stages in most of the clubs. There’s anywhere from two to six dancers on a stage at one time, depending on the club and what time you show up. However, there’s no lap dancing in the City and County of Honolulu. The local police decided in the late ’90s that a girls wearing a thong grinding against your trouser-, jeans- or shorts-covered junk constitutes prostitution. It’s a shame, as the lap dancing scene was quite amazing back in the ’90s.

Also, know the difference between hostess bars and strip clubs. The lady in hostess bars are just hustling for someone to buy them drinks. A little backroom action is not unheard of, but for what you’re going to pay you might as well hit a massage parlor or an escort. Exotic dancers get naked (obviously), but they’ll also hustle for drinks, in addition to private dances and the making a play for the sucker’s room (champagne room).

There’s strip bars scattered around the island, from Waihiwa (which is adjacent to Schofield Barracks in central Oahu) and Pearl City, but you’ll want to stick to “town” as the local folks call it.

Within walking distance of Waikiki and across the street from the Convention Center, you’ll find two of the busiest strip bars on the island, Rock-Za and Femme Nu.

Femme Nu is off Kapiolani Boulevard (1673 Kapiolani Blvd., to be exact), and across the street from Ala Moana Shopping Center, an extremely high end mall. Femme Nu played the home away from home for many university students working their way through the University of Hawaii and Hawaii Pacific University. The strippers are mostly younger, a lot of them white, or as the locals call them haole, though there’s a smattering of local dancers as well.

Rock-Za is a little further down Kapiolani Boulevard (1770 Kapiolani Blvd.) and within easy walking distance of Femme Nu. The girls here are slightly older and there’s usually more plastic surgery than the dancers at the other clubs on the island. Again, the mix of dancers is mostly white with some local ladies, but the last time I was there in February, there were a fair amount of white local girls. A note about these clubs: don’t go in expecting something swank or upscale like a Spearmint Rhino. These clubs are usually dark, usually lit by neon and the music is very loud with lots of hip-hop with decor from the early ’90s. The attitude of the owners seems to be that if it works, why change it? Especially if it’s cheaper not to change anything in their style.

But Club 939 (939 Keeaumoku St.) is like those upscale strip clubs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and the only club in Hawaii that brings in features, though the club seems to charge more at the door for the privilege when they’re there. Unlike most of the other strip clubs, there’s usually one girl on the stage at a time, with those really plush chairs and tiny tables (like the upscale mainland clubs). It’s within the same walking/stumbling distance of Femme Nu and Rock Za, depending on your level of sobriety.

Also, don’t go in expecting to get laid at these bars. Most of the strippers will tell you straight up that they don’t hook, though a few might lead you on and just leave you with an empty wallet and a very swollen case of blue balls. If you are going to try for something more, your best bet is at the smaller dive strip clubs.

Exotic Nights (909 Halekauwila St.) is closed. It was within a stone’s throw of Ward Warehouse and Ward Center, but unlike Rock-Za and Femme Nu, you will need a ride to get there from Waikiki (or really, really like walking). It was in a more industrial part of Honolulu called Kaka’ako. This used to be the place to go if you wanted to see local ladies and you wanted the strong possibility of something a little more back in its heyday in the ’90s. In its last days it was not as popular anymore.

Club Hot Ash is in Pearl City. There’s no way you’ll walk this from Waikiki or Honolulu and you’ll need a ride. It’s off Kamehameha Highway (593 Kamehameha Hwy.), and while it’s not the best strip clubs on the island, it has its following because of its food and reasonable prices for drinks.